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Established as a private organization at Thane, Honavar Electrodes Private Limited is known as the principal maker of a top notch scope of Wire, pole, and so on of base metal, carbide Offered Wire, pole, and so forth of base metal, carbide are outstanding for the highlights like long working life, high usefulness, and low upkeep. Purchase in mass from us for the best quality items and administration. It is advanced by Mr.D.S.Honavar, a Technocrat with an encounter of just about 45 years in the field of improvement, assembling and use of SMAW electrodes. He has made extraordinary commitments to the national and worldwide improvement of welding consumables with accentuation on import substitution and confidence and it is to a great extent because of his devoted endeavors during the years (1965 to 1985) that India today is for all intents and purposes independent in unique reason electrodes.

Stick Electrodes

Welding electrodes are metal wires with heated on compound coatings. The pole is utilized to support the welding circular segment and to give the filler metal required to the joint to be welded. The covering shields the metal from harm, settles the circular segment, and improves the weld. The measurement of the wire, less the covering, decides the size of the welding rod. The sort of base metal being welded, the welding procedure and machine, and different conditions decides the kind of welding cathode utilized.

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Cross Marketing is one of the quickest developing welding electrodes assembling organization in Kolkata, India and we are considered as one of the market chief in Eastern piece of the Country. The Company has set a goal of turning into a significant player in the nation around here field through expanding creation limit and inventive item blend inside couple of years. The organization is having won dispersion arrange all over India. The organization is controlled by experienced and monetarily stable business visionaries who are in the field of welding consumable and extras for a long time. Quality is forever our prime center region. The Management puts stock in ceaseless improvement of Quality of items and its administrations. Accentuation has been given to give quality at entirely sensible expense. The organization a section from delivering high volume General Purpose Electrodes is engaged with creation of great extraordinary consumable like Low hydrogen, Low Alloy, Stainless steel, Cast Iron, Hard surfacing and Reclamation electrodes. Customized items for explicit prerequisite can likewise be given. These unique items are being showcased all over India through organization’s solid appropriation arrange.


GTAW, otherwise called tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding, is a kind of circular segment welding which creates the weld utilizing a non-consumable tungsten terminal. Inert gases, for example, argon or helium are utilized to shield the zone being welded from defilement and most, in spite of the fact that not all, welding applications will require filler metal. A section of plasma, made up of profoundly ionized gas and metal vapors, conducts vitality across the circular segment and is created by a steady current welding force supply.

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ln TIG welding, there’s a ton going on. A protecting gas, normally argon, is going through the torch. You have an anode that is made of tungsten, a very hard steel that faces high warmth. What’s more, contingent upon the weld metal, the tungsten will require an uncommon combination fixing added to give a steady bend, which helps produce an uncontaminated weld. In gas protected tungsten curve welding (GTAW)/tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding, a bend consuming under the assurance of an inert gas is utilized as warmth source. Unadulterated tungsten poles or tungsten poles alloyed with cerium or thorium are utilized as terminal. The protecting gas comprises of argon, helium or argon and helium blends with a base immaculateness of 99.95 %. For this situation the protecting gas satisfies a few capacities. It secures the profoundly warmed tungsten terminal against oxidation by barometrical oxygen, chills it off and empowers the arrangement of a steady bend. Simultaneously, the fluid weld pool and the liquid tip of the pole are likewise protected from the surrounding air. During GTAW, the filler metal is brought into the curve horizontally at zero current. We are here to give you the best arrangement out of any o0f our items and furthermore to supply the best quality item.

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