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ADOR WELDING LIMITED gives best in class welding automation items for power industry. With developing demand and need of brilliant power age as of late, our items satisfy the necessities of this industry. The procedure business depends on our solutions that comprise of hard automation gadgets, work-piece handling gear, weld seamer, welding segment and blasts, board welding and robotized welding automation frameworks. ADOR WELDING LIMITED likewise gives welding solutions to the valve produces. ADOR has planned, produced and provided SPMs to US based customer for comparable sort of use. We additionally give arrangement on application like water warmer maker, AC producer, and Compressor Manufacturer. At Ador Welding Limited, we have confidence in guaranteeing wellbeing, repeatability and exactness in our item structure. Our Solutions guarantee high efficiency and high caliber for our customers. Solutions like H-Beam welder and I pillar welder are our probably the best offering for Heavy creation industry. We can give Full Welding any procedure, including tilting the activity and back side welding.

Stick Electrodes

Welding electrodes are metal wires with heated on compound coatings. The pole is utilized to support the welding circular segment and to give the filler metal required to the joint to be welded. The covering shields the metal from harm, settles the circular segment, and improves the weld. The measurement of the wire, less the covering, decides the size of the welding rod. The sort of base metal being welded, the welding procedure and machine, and different conditions decides the kind of welding cathode utilized.

Ador welding LTD

The Automation wing of ADOR WELDINGLIMITED, known as WAPS, is totally dedicated towards Welding Automation Solutions and Customer Satisfaction. Since its inception in 1970, they have been developing customized solutions for our customers in India and abroad. A dedicated team of qualified engineers from all our departments whether engineering, manufacturing, QA, software or control systems, closely work together to design and implement state of the art production systems for our Customers. They constantly upgrade our technology to benchmark ourselves with international leaders in Welding Automation. They serve a wide range of industries for their automation needs. With our capabilities, they can design, supply and install any special purpose automation system pertaining to customer requirements. ADOR WELDING is also a Robot system integrator. They manufacture Jigs, Fixtures and inverter technology based Robotic Power source, in-house. ADOR WELDING has capabilities to integrate the Robot with their Jigs, Fixtures and Power source. They deliver Welding automation solutions for optimizing the Welding performance of various automobile components. They offer customized Welding solutions for all the automobile components manufacturers. Our various solutions for automobile companies make us a one stop solution provider for Customers’ business needs. They provide best solution on Rolling, welding, and stuffing application processes. They also provide solutions for frame/ chassis welding of two wheelers and four wheelers.


GTAW, otherwise called tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding, is a kind of circular segment welding which creates the weld utilizing a non-consumable tungsten terminal. Inert gases, for example, argon or helium are utilized to shield the zone being welded from defilement and most, in spite of the fact that not all, welding applications will require filler metal. A section of plasma, made up of profoundly ionized gas and metal vapors, conducts vitality across the circular segment and is created by a steady current welding force supply.

Importance of GTAW Rods

Gas metal circular segment welding (GMAW welding) otherwise called by its subtypes metal inert gas (MIG) welding or metal dynamic gas (MAG) welding is a welding method where electric bend shapes between a consumable wire anode and the work piece metal(s), which warms the work piece metal(s), causing them to condense and join. This is in like manner as a rule insinuated as metal inert gas welding or MIG welding. In GMAW welding the anode is a move of wire which the welder energizes out of a ‘gun’ to the work piece. The technique can act naturally loader or modified. A predictable voltage, an immediate current power source is most normally used with GMAW welding; yet unfaltering current systems and moreover substituting current can be used. There are four basic procedures for metal move in GMAW welding, called globular, shortcircuiting, sprinkle, and beat shower, all of which has specific properties and relating central focuses and limitations. You control the speed of the wire, so you can make long welds without stopping to override a shaft. This kind of welding is all things considered idea to be the least demanding to learn. The weapon in like manner sustains out an inert gas, for instance, Argon or CO2 to remove oxygen at the weld site.

FCAW Wires

Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW) utilizes a cylindrical wire that is loaded up with a flux. The arc is started between the nonstop wire anode and the workpiece. The flux, which is contained inside the core of the cylindrical cathode, liquefies during welding and shields the weld pool from the climate. Direct current, anode positive (DCEP) is ordinarily utilized as in the FCAW procedure. The flux in gas-protected FCAW accommodates deoxidation of the weld pool and, to a littler degree than in self-protected FCAW, gives optional protecting from the environment

Importance of FCAW Wires

The flux-cored welding wire, or terminal, is an empty cylinder loaded up with a blend of deoxidizers, fluxing operators, metal powders, and ferro-composites. The conclusion crease, which shows up as a scarcely discernible difference, is the main obvious distinction between flux-cored wires and solid cold-drawn wire. Flux-cored anode welding should be possible in two different ways: carbon dioxide gas can be utilized with the flux to give extra protecting, or the flux core alone can give all the protecting gas and slagging materials. The carbon dioxide gas shield delivers a profoundly infiltrating arc and generally gives preferred weld over is conceivable without an outside gas shield. In spite of the fact that flux-cored arc welding might be applied semiautomatically, by machine, or automatically, the procedure is generally applied semiautomatically. In semiautomatic welding, the wire feeder encourages the terminal wire and the power source keeps up the arc length. The welder controls the welding weapon and alters the welding parameters. Flux-cored arc welding is likewise utilized in machine welding where, notwithstanding encouraging the wire and keeping up the arc length, the apparatus additionally gives the joint travel. The welding operator consistently monitors the welding and makes alterations in the welding parameters. Automatic welding is utilized in high generation applications.

Solid wires

Solid cabling runs are typically a solitary kept running of wire and are best for divider jacks and level runs. These solid-conductor wires intended for spine wire runs ought not be flexed, bowed or bent over and again. Its weakening is superior to that of stranded-conductor wire, taking into consideration better execution over longer separations. Solid conductor wires are perfect for organized wiring inside a structure. They can be effectively punched down into divider jacks and fix boards as they comprise of a solitary conductor.

Importance of Solid Wire

Solid wire, additionally called solid-core or single-strand wire, comprises of one bit of metal wire. Solid wire is helpful for wiring breadboards. Solid wire is less expensive to fabricate than stranded wire and is utilized where there is little requirement for adaptability in the wire. The upside of solid wire is one of cost, effortlessness and toughness. Since it is just a solitary, thick strand of wire, the wire is exceptionally impervious to harm and incredibly easy to make. Nonetheless, for applications which require a lot of development —, for example, mechanical technology or vehicular applications — or will require the wire to be twisted into complex shapes —, for example, gadgets and circuit sheets — solid wire is unwanted in light of the fact that it comes up short on the quality and flexibility to suffer reshaping and movement. Then again, stranded wire is appropriate to applications which will demand adaptability and reshaping. For anticipating electronic obstruction, nonetheless, stranded wire holds a hindrance on the grounds that the air channels between strands amplify the skin impact brought about by attractive fields on the outside of the wire. These factors should be considered before settling on a choice about the sort of wire to decide for an application.

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