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TMTL Engines Division is a unit of TAFE Motors and Tractors Limited (TMTL) with Alwar, Rajasthan India, as its assembling base. TMTL is a completely possessed auxiliary of Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited (TAFE), some portion of Chennai based Amalgamations Group, which is one of India’s biggest light designing combinations.

The TMTL Engines’ Alwar plant at Rajasthan, India, creates a wide scope of air and water cooled engines in the brand names of EICHER ENGINES (upto 45 kVA) and TMTL ENGINES (62.5 kVA and above), which take into account a wide scope of car and stationary applications and has a current client base of more than 1 million spread across various fragments.

Engines made by TMTL are one of the most favored engines for stationary applications like generators, prime mover for agro-enterprises and other mechanical applications. In control age fragment, TMTL has a solid base of faithful clients and stands as one of the market heads through constant enhancements in item highlights and item go, by utilizing trend setting innovation and remarkable client assistance that satisfy the worldwide guidelines of value and efficiency.

Silent Genset I EICHER ENGINE I 5 - 45 KVA

The 5 to 45 kVA scope of gensets is the air cooled run and is sold under the Eicher Engines brand under the TMTL Engines Division umbrella. The littlest motor which powers our 5 and 7.5 kVA gensets can manage the heap of two 1.5 ton ACs and still has the most reduced impression among motors with a 1500 rpm speed. From 5 to 25 kVA our gensets are normally suctioned; 30 and 35 kVA are turbo charged, and 35 to 45 kVA are turbo accused of after cooler to make it amazingly eco-friendly. Every one of our motors in this range have A1 administering and the most elevated snapshot of inactivity inferable from the substantial flywheel guaranteeing the best nature of intensity and zero glimmering. Our gensets are moderately upkeep free as parts, for example, the radiator, radiator fan, water siphon and so on are missing. This additionally brings about higher eco-friendliness as no power is consumed to run the water cooling framework. Being air cooled, these gensets can work for a more drawn out terms ceaselessly even under blistering climate conditions

Silent Genset I TMTL ENGINES I 62.5-125 KVA

The 62.5 kVA to 125 kVA is our water cooled extend and is sold under the TMTL Engines brand under the TMTL Engines Division umbrella. In this range, all the gensets are turbo accused of after cooler driving tosuperior eco-friendliness. All motors have A1 overseeing aside from the 125 kVAgenset, which has the upgradedIsochronousgoverning.These motors havethe most noteworthy snapshot of dormancy attributable to the overwhelming flywheel guaranteeing the best nature of intensity and zero glinting. The most recent case of our building greatness is our lead 125 kVA gensetwhich is an innovative wonder. Up to 125 kVA go, TMTL is the main genset organization which has created CRDI innovation, in-house. It likewise brags, 4 valves for each chamber, fuel pre-channel with water separator, accusing alternator of vacuum siphon, turbo charged intercooler desire, free electronic control on infusion weight – infusion start and infusion amount, isochronous senator and substantially more. Every one of these highlights convert into high reserve funds for proprietors and it guarantees exact power with zero fluctuation in voltage and recurrence even at mass burdens.

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